Aluminium fabricator Fentrade has added the Concept Patio 130 slide and lift-slide system from Reynaers to its offering.

Chris Reeks, Fentrade’s Director, commented: “The Reynaers CP 130 system is an incredibly versatile door that offers a multitude of ways to deliver the large glazed expanses today’s homeowners are looking for.”

The Reynaers CP 130 is available in sliding and a lift and slide variations. The sliding system has a monorail, duo rail and 3-rail options while the lift and slide system has a monorail, duo rail, 3-rail and multi-rail options.

There is a pocket solution for the lift and slide system in duo rail, 3-rail or up to 8-rail options, which creates an open space without visible elements when the door is open. There is also an open-corner solution for the CP 130-LS duo rail variant to answer the current architectural need for large glass surfaces with minimal visible elements.

Panes can be up to 2700mm wide and 300kg in weight, and the products are Document L 2022 compliant.

Chris added: “It’s a door system that’s been intelligently designed to open up opportunities for installers. For example, the Reynaers CP 130-LS has the option of a floating corner, to allow the whole corner of the property to be opened up to the outside giving uninterrupted views!”

Fentrade will be showing the system among other products at the FIT Show.

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