Emplas has rolled out its integration for the front-end-sales tool, WindowCAD, which allows installers to pitch, quote, survey and place orders.

A new API – application programming interface or a ‘digital handshake’ – developed by the fabricator’s in-house development team allows EVA, the Emplas Virtual Assistant and WindowDesigner, to pull in information direct from WindowCAD as a basis for production. This means that data inputted right at the start of the sales process, as long as it’s accurate, can be extracted and used to place orders, cutting out process.

Sales director Jody Vincent explained: “You can measure up, sit down in person, or remotely with the homeowner, and show them how different window options will look on their property, and once the sale is agreed, either choose to double check measurements with a surveyor, or simply place an order, without having to reinput data.

“It establishes a very simple workflow, which having trialled it in T&K our own retail business over a three-month period, has the potential to save our customers a massive amount of time.”

WindowCAD is a front-end sales tool which allows installers to take the homeowner through the sales process, developing specifications as they go and visualising them through a digital product representation and the application of that, on their property.

It also acts an ‘electronic price book’ which allows the user to sell directly from it, automatically pulling in price changes and mark-ups according to the specifications chosen and installer discounts.

“In linking that all the way, through EVA, and into our 24/7 online ordering process we’re taking out administration time. A growing number of sales people now also survey so brining in the capability to pitch, quote and order as part of a single process, is the logical step for a lot of our customers”, Jody added. 


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