Glazing Vault has added the option of an online shop which installers can purchase as a fully functioning e-commerce website or as an upgrade to their existing site.

Account Manager Katie Phillips said: “Adding an online shop gives installers another dimension to their online presence and a potentially valuable source of new business.

“We all know that the pandemic has really accelerated the shift online and that’s been reflected in soaring demand for our online lead generation products. However, it’s also transformed the online shopping market, with the 2021 Online Nation Report showing a massive 48% increase in online shopping last year. For many consumers, buying online has now become their default option and, even as lockdown eases, businesses with no e-commerce capacity at all really are at risk of missing out.”

The e-commerce store facility is also available as an option on bespoke website designs developed by Glazing Vault’s sister company The Consultancy.

Katie Phillips added: “This is all very well proven open-source technology which we know works seamlessly alongside customers’ WordPress websites. It includes plug-ins for secure payments and is fully customisable. We provide all the support that customers need to get their shop set up in the first place and then give them the tools they need to keep it running smoothly.”