HWL Trade Frames says it is giving installers a unique opportunity to pitch a fully matched R9 window and door offer with the launch of its new R9 open-in door with a Timberweld 90° joint.

Director Graham Howatson explained: “It means that they can go in and sell the end user a door which matches into a Timberweld 90° window and every time that wins them the business, because that’s what the end user wants – homeowners want the finish on their windows and doors to match.

“It’s not about volume manufacture. It’s about the opportunity that it gives our customers to win business at point of retail.”

The door joins the non-glass-bonded 90° jointed R9 window that HWL pioneered in 2017, by welding, rather than mechanically jointing the sash, effectively eliminating the pre-existing requirement to glass-bond the sash read story.