Bohle has launched an improved version of the Alva self-closing hydraulic patch fitting, for the controlled operation of glass doors.

The update is said to be easier to install as it can be secured with just two screws instead of four. In addition to using fewer components, the new design means there is now 29mm between the first hole in the baseplate and the wall, which gives fitters more room to position a drill.

Once in place, four grub screws can be used to fine tune the vertical alignment of the door and the zero position setting, with horizontal adjustment offered via a single, easily accessible screw.

Bohle adds that a stand-out feature of Alva is that all the technology required for operation is packaged in one slimline unit. This means it can be fitted directly onto the floor, instead of creating a recess to house an underfloor box, which presents further time savings for installers.

Manufactured to DIN EN 1154 European quality standards, which includes 500,000 test cycles, Alva is said to be the first self-closing corner fitting on the market to feature an integrated ‘back check’ adjustable damper. This has been designed to protect against any sudden and excessive force against the door, for example a gust of wind, by gently and safely absorbing its momentum. The opening damping starts at an angle of approximately 75 degrees and is infinitely adjustable. 

Bohle has also introduced a new design aesthetic with the latest version of Alva, which ensures there are no visible screws or fastening points on the cover caps and base plate.

Managing director Dave Broxton said: “The previous Alva hydraulic patch fitting was an exceptional product, but we are constantly looking at ways to improve our offering at Bohle and we identified a number of areas in which it could be enhanced even further.

“The addition of the back check damper is a particularly welcome safety feature, as is the cleaner, more contemporary design but one of the biggest gains is in the simplicity and speed of installation. Making Alva easier to fit, with less components, delivers clear advantages for our customers.”