Denval Co is the latest aluminium fabricator to harness the 5-axis technology now available from Emmegi (UK) via its Comet R4i and R6i and HP machining centres.

South Wales-based Denval has taken delivery of a new Comet R6HP machining centre as part of a capital investment supported by Paragon Bank and Premier Asset Finance.

The Comet R6HP has replaced a 3-axis CNC machine which was in place previously and provides a far greater degree of flexibility for machining on profile edges and on more complex shapes. It is suitable for large curtain walling profiles as well as window and door fabrication, so suits the product range that the company fabricates from the likes of Senior Architectural, AluK and Aluprof.

Operations director Alex Wysom said: “Within a week of arriving, the Comet R6HP was already showing us how much more capable it was than our previous machine. It lets us process large and small dimension pieces with exactly the same level of precision and with extremely fast axis speeds and removal rates.

“It also links seamlessly with the LogiKal software we use in our design office so means we can automate more of our processes and increase efficiency and not just capacity.”

Emmegi sales manager Andrew Jones, added: “The company was initially looking to replace an existing 3-axis machine which had reached the end of its service life, along with purchasing a new notching saw to increase its cutting capacity; but when I met with the team and explained all the additional benefits they could get from investing in a 5-axis machining centre that could both cut and machine, they were on board with a single machine solution without hesitation.

“The multi-piece/pendular feature of the Comet R6HP with independently controlled clamps gives a much faster throughput than you can achieve with equivalent 4-axis machining centres and means the payback on these models is surprisingly quick.”: