Dormakaba has upgraded its KTV Revolving Door system to include improved installation times and a new automatic Night Shield option.

With Direct Drive, the doors now feature a shallow ceiling assembly of 100mm, with an integrated LED light ring, allowing for the seamless integration with existing architecture. Thanks to the brushless motor, the doors have enhanced life cycles, tested to two million cycles. Also, the new weldless floor ring uses threaded rods instead of welded brackets, meaning the floor ring can be more easily and precisely levelled, resulting in a quicker installation.

The upgrades also include anti-intruder protection to class RC2 as standard.

The KTV is also available with an additional Night Shield option, which can be installed internally or externally, and is equipped with EN 1672 tested and certified RC2 class burglary protection. The Night Shield is available as either a manual locking solution, or a new low-energy automatic version that locks the revolving doors by means of a simple programme switch.

Solution sales director Rafik Pathan said: “Requirements can vary considerably across different specifications, so our KTV Revolving Doors are available in a variety of combinations – including 3 or 4 wing turnstiles, transport openings for bulky deliveries – and a range of locking devices. The Twin Brush Double Seal offers increased protection against external issues such as noise, dirt, or cold air – perfect for installation in reception areas.”