Ultraframe has unveiled a newly enhanced Structural Design Guide (eSDG) to support the extensive updates made to its Classic roof system launched at the end of last year.

This digital tool allows Classic Roof customers to determine how big openings for doors can be in order for the roof to be structurally sound by calculating maximum unsupported spans possible on a conservatory or extension for each face of the eaves.

Previously, users needed to refer to a generic chart to find this information, but the new eSDG is situated within the company’s existing Udesign conservatory software, and calculations are based on the individual conservatory design and loading parameters.

Senior Structural Engineer Tansy Sabben, who led the eSDG project explained about the new tool and its benefits. She said: “For years our Classic users have relied on printed charts to determine critical structural information when designing a roof. Our new eSDG is more accurate, much quicker to use and is more accessible for customers to design perfectly engineered conservatories and extensions. Using the new eSDG is like getting their design checked by a structural engineer at the click of a button.”

For larger or more complex designs where additional spanning capabilities are required, the customer can select the correct profiles from the new suite of Classic bolstered eaves profiles – including the Bi-Fold Support Beam and the Super Bolster. These new eaves bolsters are a cost-efficient way to increase structural performance as they can be specified on the elevation where needed rather than around the entire perimeter of the roof. The Bi-Fold Support Beam is a structural beam which mounts to the underside of the eaves, while the Super-Bolster mounts to the inside of the eaves beam. The two profiles can be used independently to bolster the eaves or combined to further increase the spanning capability up to 5m reducing the need for any additional costly support, such as a steel goalpost. 

The newly launched enhancements to the Classic Roof https://www.the-glazine.com/?p=1580 which are available now include the Bi-Fold Support Beam, Super Bolster Eaves and Combined Bolstered Eaves, Thermally Broken Slimline Ridge, Chambered Box Gutter, Enhanced Structural Design Guide, and lower prices on Classic Aluminium Roofs.


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