The Aïr MOD series of aluminium windows from Everglade has won Best Windows in the 2020 Build It Awards.

Brand Ambassador Jay Patel said: “The win comes as great news to us as we prepare to launch new suited door options in 2021, which we hope will follow the success of the award-winning MOD Series windows.

“Throughout the design and production process we managed to combine the high-performance engineering of aïr’s original products with the sleek and captivating design which allows homeowners to stay on trend, whilst maintaining outstanding energy efficiency.”

Aïr MOD Series consists of: MOD Contemporary, MOD Heritage, MOD Heritage Flush, MOD Flush, and MOD Tilt & Turn. All of the products in the collection feature a 70mm frame depth and are available in double and triple glazing options, with the polyamide thermal break technology delivering U-values as low as 1.0 W/m2K.