Lisburn-based architectural glazing fabricator Walsin is already noticing benefits from investing in an Emmegi 5-axis Satellite XTE machining centre less than six months after installation, saying it

has positively impacted efficiency and production volumes and has provided enough capacity to offer sub-contracted machining and fabrication services to other companies.

The Satellite XTE is an upgraded version of the Satellite XT. It retains the mobile gantry designed for milling, drilling, threading and processing five workable sides on large scale sections of steel and aluminium and additionally features a larger 24-position tool magazine and an exchanger arm system for faster tool changeover.

Its cutting and separating function allows a series of machined profiles to be obtained from one bar length and then separated into individual elements.

The capacity of the tool unit can accommodate a 500mm saw blade allowing for separation cuts to be run on large dimensional profiles in addition to compound cuts, straight cuts, angled cuts and notching.

Walsin offers both the supply of fabricated façade systems and total envelope façade packages, including design, manufacturing and installation throughout the UK and Ireland.

Production manager Conor McCarron said: “The Satellite XTE is providing the extra volume we need to advance to the next phase of our expansion. Output per operator is up, and costs are down. Coupled with the savings on running costs, we are on target to recoup our capital expenditure in a shorter timeframe than with previous investments.”

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