Recycling within the VinylPlus framework saw its first drop in recent years but the decrease was only slight compared with a significant reduction in PVC demand, delegates heard at the organisation’s 12th annual Sustainability Forum.

Chairman Dr Karl-Martin Schellerer said: “The PVC industry continued to face unprecedented regulatory and macro-economic challenges, and this had of course an impact also on PVC recycling and demand for recyclates.

Introducing the organisation’s 2024 Progress Report, he added: “737,645 tonnes of PVC waste were recycled within the VinylPlus framework, only a slight decrease compared to the previous year. Yet at the same time, the share of recycled and registered post-consumer and pre-consumer waste remained stable.

He concluded: “Innovation and collaboration remain key to achieving VinylPlus 2030 targets. We are ready to continue working collaboratively, transparently and constructively with regulators, in line with a science-based and evidence-based approach. To do this work effectively, industry needs a level playing field, which is why we call for a comprehensive action plan to make competitiveness a strategic priority in Europe”.


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