The lighthouse charity has risen to record demand for its support services, reporting that it is now delivering over £10 of social value for every £1 of charitable spend.

The industry charity has responded to a 30% increase in demand for its wellbeing support services in 2023 and has delivered £3,927,992 of charitable support and been a beacon of hope to 4435 families in need.

Against a challenging backdrop of continued cost of living increases, material price rises, unpredictable workloads and labour shortages,

The group’s Impact Report, published this week, reflects ‘a year of resilience, growth, and impactful initiatives’ where for every £1 of charitable spend, it created £10.06 of social value.

Its caseworkers played a pivotal role, supporting 2435 complex cases and securing £1,675,309 of funding through collaborative working with other charities and ensuring that people were accessing their statutory entitlements.

There was a 20% increase in the number of people accessing vital counselling services, with a huge 42% of the charity’s grant expenditure being invested in fast access to both virtual and face to face counselling offering vital support with a variety of emotional wellbeing issues. 

One of the charity’s most impactful front-line interventions has been the hugely successful  #MakeItVisible on site initiative. In 2023 the team visited 390 sites, reaching almost  26,000 site operatives, contractors, and allied trades, some of the industry’s most vulnerable workers. The charity’s on-site team share their own struggles in  a down to earth and relatable way, encouraging others to speak openly too, Last year the on-site team made a life-changing and life-saving impact with 139 workers experiencing suicidal thoughts. 

In 2023 their Critical Incident Support team were called to  49 locations and supported 850 people affected by a serious or fatal on-site incident. The specialist team provides immediate support offering a ‘safe space’ for people to share their concerns and signpost to specialist trauma counsellors if necessary.

Aimed at equipping workers with the soft skills they need to navigate today’s challenges, the charity also extended their portfolio of training within their Wellbeing Academy which saw the introduction of self-paced eLearning. These  on demand modules respond to the diverse  needs of a transient workforce with demanding work and home time commitments. The Wellbeing Academy delivered 436 courses and trained 3606 individuals. 

Sarah Bolton, CEO of the Lighthouse Charity said it was encouraging to see more people reaching out for support. “We are constantly looking for new ways to amplify our message of support and ensuring that we reach those who may not know how or where to ask for help. Our #MakeItVisible on site team do a fantastic job of reaching out to the sites and meeting some of our most vulnerable workers. We’re also increasing the number of collaborative  partnerships with other providers to offer specialist support to meet the diverse needs of our construction community. 

“Our Impact Report is an annual opportunity to highlight our successes and reflect on what has worked well. It’s also an opportunity to identify and understand how we can be better and how we can support our industry’s wellbeing in every way.  

“Our key message remains constant; no matter how small or large the problem may seem,  we will always be able to help, and if we can’t be able to signpost to someone that can.” 

Full 2023 Impact Report here  

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