Brisant-Secure, the creator of Ultion, has announced that its patented ALPS (Always Locked Protection System) lock technology is the first in the industry to pass the 2024 security test update that was introduced in January. 

This update will be used for 3* euro cylinder locks by Secured by Design, PAS24 and Sold Secure Diamond.

CEO Nick Dutton said: “We are delighted to be the first to attain the new security standard. The reason nobody else has achieved the standard is because it is so tough.

“We knew when we acquired the Deseo business earlier this year that the ALPS (Always Locked Protection System) lock was close to achieving this new standard, so we focused on adding even more patented measures to get the test result last week.  It’s also proof of Brisant’s commitment to being first with a solution to new security attacks.” 

He added that the BSI, Sold Secure and Secured by Design have moved fast to ensure that the new security test will prevent inventive burglars getting ahead and finding a way to defeat 3* locks. The new 2024 standard will reassure door makers, installers, and homeowners that doors with 3* locks continue to be the gold standard for door security.

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