The new range of Vertical Coastline Cladding offers  three colour options: Sage Green, Anthracite Grey, and Moondust Grey. The matt embossed wood grain skin also guarantees up to 10 years of waterproof performance.
Head of product design and development Ian Kernaghan said: “Our Vertical Coastline Cladding is engineered to expedite installation. The simple interlocking mechanism, combined with our quality control aluminium trims and end closers, ensures a flawless finish.
“Coastline is designed for hassle-free installation, with its lightweight nature, user-friendly interlocking mechanism, and custom aluminium fitting system.”
Marketing director Beth Boulton added: “We’ve seen a massive trend right now in coastline cladding, especially among homeowners with older properties, who are looking to give their homes a complete makeover.”

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