Mila has added a new enhanced security twin cam espag locking system to its range of Advance products, developed specifically for aluminium window systems.

This new espag comes with a C-track design, stronger gearbox and concealed gears. The C-track design means there is none of the risk associated with U-track espags of the track gradually collapsing against the profile and, over time, interfering with the smooth operation of the window, says the company.

The 6mm wide gearbox has been strength tested to perform beyond the 40 Nm force. The gears themselves are concealed beneath the faceplate to protect them from damaging dust and debris.

Managing director Richard Gyde said: “The rationale behind Advance is to bring real design ingenuity into the aluminium hardware sector and underpin that with Mila’s proven commitment to quality and performance durability. We’ve already done that very successfully with our Advance bifold door magnets and now we’re set to do the same again with the Advance espag.”

The Advance espag is PAS24: 2022 and SBD accredited and stamped.


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