UAP has launched the Stadium Door Knocker featuring a patented hidden fixing mechanism that eliminates the need for any screws.

It also features a magnet which secures the knocker in place ensuring it only knocks the door when in use and is not moved by the wind, as well as a waterproof seal which prevents rusting behind the door knocker.

National Sales Director Barry Halpin said: “In the highly competitive world of home hardware, we wanted to create a standout product unlike anything else on the market. The Stadium Door Knocker’s design means it is not only very easy to fit and use, but visually unique.

“The choice of high-grade metals combined with the colour options widens its appeal and flexibility. Stainless steel is ideal for properties in more coastal areas while zamak provides an affordable, stylish alternative.”

The Stadium Door Knocker is available with or without a viewing hole and can be engraved with numbers, text and logos. Matching all types of door, the knocker can be finished in white, black, chrome, gold, polished mirror and satin stainless steel.

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