Ultraframe has given its hup! building system a new stand-alone homeowner website proclaiming the message that the lightweight system is 60% more carbon efficient than a brick wall.

Marketing director Alex Hewitt said: “hup! already boasted strong environmental credentials thanks to its zero waste manufacturing, minimal site waste and extremely low on site water usage, and this news about its carbon efficiency means that hup! really is the sustainable way to build.”

The new calculation of the system’s carbon efficiency comes as the system has been formally recognised with the ISO 14001 accreditation for manufacturing processes across the three Ultraframe sites across the North West where it is manufactured.

One of the features of the new website is an interactive configurator where homeowners can design their own hup!, including the location of windows & doors, roof type and glazing options, colour of various elements, and the external finish.

Alex explained: “By allowing homeowners to experiment in this way, this not only demonstrates the immense flexibility of the hup! system, but also inspires consumers to take the next step in their own hup! journey. Along with inspirational features such as the configurator, the site also provides plentiful technical information about the capabilities and performance of hup!, along with homeowner case studies in both written and video formats so that potential hup! homeowners can hear first-hand how simple the process of adding a hup! to your home is.”


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