Conservatory Outlet has invested a further £100,000 in to extending its Training Academy including the addition of new courses.

The programme, launched last year, aims to equip professionals from across its retail 

To date, more than 80 retail sales professionals from within the network had enrolled in the fully funded courses. In total it is expected that over 100 people from across the UK will enrol on this three-month training programme.

Chief Executive Greg Kane said: “Our unique retail network model is all about adding value to our customers and our unique Training Academy is a great example of this.

“This year has been one of change. Interest rates have spiralled over the past twelve months, which has had a profound impact on the wider economy. Yet despite this, consumer demand across the Network remains high, with many homeowners still exploring the idea of improving their home.

“The market today is radically different to the market of last year. With this in mind, we have expanded our Training Academy to address the changing financial climate and ensure that salespeople have the tools, knowledge, and resources to work in these conditions.” 

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