Toughened glass processor TuffX has completed a million linear metres of product on the Bovone ELB 12 HS straight line edging machine in the two years since it was installed at its Merseyside factory.

The machine – the company’s second – represented a £200,000 investment when it was bought in October 2018.

The Bovone ELB 12 HS, used to finish edges on popular processed glass products, such as balcony screens and balustrade glass, processes glass thicknesses of 6-19mm at a speed of four metres per minute.

“We were so impressed by the first Bovone ELB 12 HS we installed – the speed it operates at and the quality of the polished edge of the finish – that we promptly purchased a second, and dramatically increased our production volumes,” said Managing Director Graham Price.

“Hitting the one-million-metre mark is a testament to the on-going high customer demand for our products and our ability to deliver the goods.

“Increased interest in our Infinity rooflights range in recent months mean our machines will be seeing even more action to come, and our recent fleet investments mean TuffX continue to be ready to fulfil this demand throughout the country.”