Central Window Systems has appointed Chris Lock as Commercial Estimator.

Chris, who previously worked at Hydro Aluminium UK as well as a major aluminium fabricator, said: “My previous experience has prepared me well for my role at Central, where I’m responsible for researching the cost of materials, establishing relationships with contractors, securing quotes from suppliers, and assessing the risk levels associated with projects. 

“Central is a single source supplier of PVCu and aluminium solutions, and as part of our growth strategy, we’ve spent the last few months expanding both our aluminium range and our range of high-end products. 

“During this period of growth, it’s vital that we have a constant eye on the changing prices of materials, and that we’re maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers, and I’m fully confident that with the right investments, the company will continue to be a strong player within the industry.”

Aluminium division director Paul Woods added: “Pricing aluminium products has always been a bit of a minefield, and that’s only been exacerbated by the past two years of supply chain woes and regular price increases. To overcome this, we were looking for someone within the aluminium industry who had a good understanding of commercial glazing systems, and Chris was the perfect fit. 

“His previous experience has well equipped him to secure the best prices available, build trust with our suppliers and customers, and really bring the business forward.”


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