Era has partnered with Neighbourhood Watch, the crime prevention charity, as part of the organisation’s annual burglary awareness campaign which was launched this month.

Throughout the month, Era’s team of security experts will share advice on how individuals can adequately protect their homes, through a combination of traditional security systems and smart solutions.

A key element of the campaign is a smart security webinar, which is being held on 10 March, addressing the functionality of smart security, whilst also exploring how householders can utilise connected technologies to achieve the highest standards of protection.

Era is Neighbourhood Watch’s Primary Smart Security Sponsor and the campaign forms part of its long-term partnership with the charity, which has over 2.3million members.

Helen Downer, president of Era’s parent company, Tyman UK & Ireland, said: “As many individuals across the UK continue to return to their workplace and begin making holiday arrangements, homes are once again being left unoccupied. It is the ideal time to remind everyone about the importance of securing their homes and we are delighted to be supporting Neighbourhood Watch’s campaign, which highlights the importance of taking a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to security.

“By identifying potential points of entry and how these can be successfully protected, the campaign encourages a whole-home approach to security, which is ideally supported with smart systems.”

Neighbourhood Watch CEO John Hayward-Cripps added: “In 2022, Neighbourhood Watch celebrates its 40th anniversary and we are extremely proud to have supported communities in being connected, active and safe for four decades.

“Our burglary prevention campaign in partnership with Era will enable us to provide individuals with the latest advice and support on how they can improve the security of their home and belongings, and we look forward to working together on future campaigns.”

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