Leads 2 Trade has added and extra service for its network of installers. It is now providing confirmed appointments and adds that an installer only pays for the lead if they sit and pitch it.

The no pitch, no fee service provides several benefits for the installer, says the company. Instead of supplying a consumer with up to four quotes from installers in their area, it provides them with just two, then makes an appointment for the installer at a specific time and date.

“What has always set us apart from our competitors is the quality of the sales leads we generate, thanks to our in-house customer service operators that personally speak to and qualify all leads,” explained co-founder and director Andy Royle, “We wanted to take it one step further and provide an even better sales lead to our members and make it even easier for them to secure more work.”

If the customer does not require the second appointment then Leads 2 Trade will cancel it and inform the installer, and because they have not sat down with the consumer and pitched the lead, they will not have to pay for it.

Andy added: “Instead of buying a sales lead our members are buying a confirmed, pre-arranged appointment and as it only goes to a maximum of two installers they have a higher probability of getting the sale.”