Alunet Systems has now completed its transformation from Alutech Systems including severing formal ties from the Belarus-based supplier and a complete rebranding to reflect its Europe-wide sourcing and ongoing expansion of product offering.

The company had been exclusively tied to the one extruder but, as managing director Steve Hudson explained, relying on Alutech as the single supplier no longer made good business sense, either ethically or financially.

“We’ve had a lot of successful years with Alutech, growing the market in the UK for the profiles that we’ve been supplying, he said, “But when the war in Ukraine started, earlier this year, it sent a bit of a jolt to us that our only supplier was from a pretty unstable region. So, it’s very much with a heavy heart that we took a decision that we needed to move away from that supplier and look for other suppliers, and then fully rebrand as time went on.

 “We took the time and opportunity to do lots of travelling, lots of air miles, seeing lots of people and going through those companies and deciding which set of companies, which set of extruders, would be better for us, for the future to give us the diversity in terms of product range.

“Over the past months, we’ve built relationships with a number of leading European extruders who will now produce our BF73 bifolding door system for us. What’s more, this will allow us to launch the eagerly anticipated new sliding/lift and slide patio door system and the super slim flush casement window. More details about these will follow in the next few months.

He continued: “For our bifold clients, the only noticeable difference will be the protective tape on the profile, which will now be rebranded to Alunet. Each package will also contain a helpful diagram to assist with profile identification. We’ll also be rolling out our new branding on brochures, advertising, and social media, culminating in the launch of a new and improved website.”

Steve talks in more detail about the transformation in a video at:

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