Three separate Midlands glazing companies have been fined a total of £270,000 after ICO investigators found they had made altogether more than 640,000 unsolicited phone calls to TPS registered homes.

Posh Windows UK Ltd of Bedworth, Warwickshire, was fined £150,000 in relation to 461,062 such calls. Euroseal Windows Ltd of Newcastle-under-Lyme was fined £80,000 for 169,830 calls. Green Logic of Derby was found to have made 11,825 such calls and was fined £40,000.

In the case of Green Logic, ICO chief investigator Andy Curry said homeowner were given a number of names including Green Energy Media, Green Homes Media and Greener Homes.

The ICO said Posh Windows had claimed it had gained consent to make the calls as a result of door-to-door canvassing but a sample of the addresses given denied that this was the case.

Euroseal also told the Commissioner it had obtained some data through door-to-door canvassing and the completion of ‘lead cards’ as well as using four data providers but on investigation, the report concluded: “On the balance of probabilities, most or all of the numbers on the TPS register were not allocated to people who had notified Euroseal, via completion of a ‘lead card’, that they did not object to being contacted.”

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