The National Key Scheme lockset from Staff Ironmongery now has a Bary Bac coating, which uses nanotechnology to help reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses on its surface.

The lock provides maintenance free anti-bacterial protection to door handles without compromising on security. Bary Bac is said to be proven to prevent the spreading of Covid-19, MRSA, and E Coli.

Toby Staff, MD of Staff Ironmongery said “Bary Bac renders a crucial contact point for the spread of viruses and disease to be neutralised. After washing their hands, people are still susceptible to passing on bacteria. Bary Bac eliminates risk without the need for additional cleaning.”

The handle itself is made of stainless steel. The lock is compatible with all NKS keys and can be retrofitted into any existing mortises without further adjustment.

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