Ultion CashBack has been launched by the manufacturer to enable installers to earn 5% from the sale of any Ultion product to their customers for the next 12 months.

By enrolling in the programme, installers can earn 5% of the total sale amount for every Ultion product purchased by their customers, including extra keys, locks, trackable keys, smart locks and lubricant, or padlocks that work with the previously supplied key.

Each commission earned will be communicated via email, and installers will receive a monthly payment at the end of each month, conveniently deposited into their bank account. To monitor earnings easily, Ultion provides a user-friendly trade portal for installers to track their commissions effortlessly.

CEO Nick Dutton said: “We are thrilled to introduce Ultion CashBack and provide installers with an opportunity to unlock a steady income stream.

“This program empowers installers to maximise their earnings and reinforces our commitment to building strong relationships.”


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