Systems company exlabesa has been accepted into the Made in Britain group of manufacturers and is now entitled to display the Made in Britain mark on its website, brochures and other sales material.

To be eligible, companies have to agree to the organisation’s stringent code of conduct, which commits firms to providing quality products, treating employees well, and generally conducting themselves as ethically as possible.

Sales director Kevin Warner said: . “Exlabesa has had a major presence in the UK for nearly twenty years. We don’t just have a token satellite office in the UK; the vast majority of the products we sell in Britain have been made in Britain, and many have been developed over years of close consultation with British fabricators.

“Exlabesa UK wouldn’t have grown into the successful business it is today without the hard work and ingenuity of our experienced British-based employees, and the support of fantastic fabricators all across the country.”

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