Whiteline Manufacturing has joined the first fabricators to manufacture the Sheerline aluminium windows and doors.

CEO Steve Milham said: “The Sheerline system is new, innovative, British, thermally efficient, clean and extremely versatile.

“Delivery times are unheard of for this product type and this means faster reaction times to clients’ needs and consequently, the ability to convert more orders. Initial discussions with our customers have been extremely positive and samples are being requested on a frequent basis, so early signs are very encouraging.”

Garnalex CEO Roger Hartshorn added: “The feedback from Steve is just what we hoped for from Sheerline launch partners. Steve’s right; demand for aluminium is growing as homeowners look to make sustainable and beautiful improvements to their homes, and we want our partners to be able to supply this demand quickly and easily. Every major component of a Sheerline window or door is made by us here in Britain. Our aluminium profile is available in 12 stocked colours in just 5 working days and bespoke colours in just 10 days. Keeping all these colours, in all the profiles, in stock in our large warehouse changes everything.”


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