Technal Dualframe 75Si windows featured in the construction of White + Green, is a development of 144 one, two and three bedroom apartments, as well as ‘Citi Pads’, in London’s Whitechapel.

Suffolk based, Allglass Anglia was awarded the contract on the basis of its past performance and relationship with the client, as well as having made extensive use of Dualframe on a variety of schemes in the past.

Dualframe was the first aluminium system to achieve an A++ Window Energy Rating with its tilt before turn window, and its polyamide break helps it offer U-values exceeding Part L energy performance requirements,. Additionally, PAS 24 has been achieved on every style including pivots; while in Whitechapel, the windows also had to provide good acoustic performance to counter traffic noise.

Allglass commercial manager David Harvey said: “The development, for Higgins Homes, set quite a high specification in terms of acoustic and thermal performance, as well as having to meet enhanced requirements on accessibility, with an M4:3 standard: affecting opening widths and threshold heights.

“Technal Dualframe was client specified on the basis of our past relationship with the manufacturer and went through a long process with the client and architect to ensure the designs met all of their aesthetic and performance criteria.”

Additional testing instigated by the project team for the Dualframe designs, and main entrance doorsets – produced using the Wicline 75 system from Technal sister company, Wicona – confirmed that the installations would exceed all of the wind and watertightness standards.

Higgins Homes sales & marketing director Jeremy Marcus said: “When designing the apartments, especially the Citi Pads, it was never a question of compromising on the style or the wow factor.  It was important to understand the type of residents who live in the area and create a development that would appeal to their sense of style and aesthetics, regardless of the size of the living space.”

Technal UK Sales Director, Allan Barr, reflected: “The project not only illustrates the performance and aesthetic attributes to the Dualframe 75Si system, but also the ability to combine it with Hydro’s other brand offerings, with the technical expertise and contracting experience of Allglass ensuring the delivery of a façade package which met all of the development team’s aspirations. White + Green’s residents will enjoy excellent thermal and acoustic performance, as well as long-term weather resistance and high security from a stylish fenestration solution.”