Freefoam is out to help customers grow their business with the fourth if its ‘Fireside Chat’ videos, out now.

It sees the return of commercial director Colin St John, this time explaining how Freefoam operates, the ethos behind the company and how this way of working ‘puts customers at the heart of the operation, supporting and delivering what they need, when they need it’.

Colin summed up: “We have great customers, from the one-man stockists to a multi-brand merchant. We give each one the level of service and support they need, which can be very different for each customer type. We’ve become a bit of a chameleon organisation, adapting and changing to suit individual customer needs.”

The videos are part of Freefoam’s #HelpingCustomersGrow campaign which highlights the company’s approach to building its business and celebrates customers’ successes. 


All the company’s videos are at Youtube