Ab Initio Systems, the company behind the AdminBase installer sales and project management system, topped a 23-year record August sales figure buy a further 17% in September, putting the company already 10% up this over last, even including the lockdown period.

Managing director Rhonda Ridge said: “AdminBase has been continuously improved over the years but the most recent developments – mobile apps that allow the on-site functions of sales, survey, fitting and remedials to be carried out safely and quickly; and the new web-based AdminBase that allows users to enjoy full system access on any device from anywhere there is an Internet connection – are the key changes that have drawn so many companies to us during this period.”

Acknowledging that interest in the company had been driven by the restricted working conditions dictated by the pandemic, she added: “Front line staff employed by window and door installation companies have to work within their customers’ homes but with a new emphasis on safety. Processes must therefore be carried out quickly and efficiently to minimise risk, as well as wearing appropriate PPE. Additionally, many support staff are working remotely. Our most recent developments, coincidentally, are perfect for such conditions.

“With most installers working at anything between 130% and 150% of capacity, efficiency, accuracy and communication at every level are even more crucial. And the benefits are as effective for one or a hundred users,” added Rhonda. “All demonstrations, installations and training are carried out remotely and therefore safely, processes that we have operated for many years.”


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