Mila has announced that its SupaSecure TS007 two star escutcheon has now joined its door handle counterpart in passing the Silver grading in the Master Locksmith’s Sold Secure attack test.

Technical Director Strafford Cooke says it means fabricators can now offer the same level of reassurance to customers on door security – whether they are pairing their 1 or 3 star cylinder with a handle or an escutcheon.

He explained: “The Sold Secure attack test is more intense and more sustained than the PAS24 security test. It uses a more ‘heavy duty’ set of tools, which includes an electric drill, longer crow bars and even a scaffolding pole for greater leverage; and the tester has a full five minutes per tool rather than three to try to attack the escutcheon with full force to access the cylinder. 

“It’s so arduous that the received wisdom used to be that the maximum rating achievable by door hardware was Bronze. Mila’s SupaSecure products have obviously changed all that and we’re very proud to have raised the bar in this sector.”

The Mila SupaSecure escutcheon and handle both come with 25 year guarantees on the mechanical operation and the surface finish.

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