The GGF, BFRC and Fensa have launched a pilot scheme for the recycling of IGUs alongside its existing PVCu frame recycling service.

First locations to take part in the trial will be Hull, York, Doncaster, Lincoln, Sheffield, Nottingham, Wakefield, Bradford, Leeds, Huddersfield, Peterborough and Derby.

Chris Beedel, Head of Advocacy & Stakeholder Relations, says the lucrative business of waste removal has attracted ‘some less scrupulous service providers’ so the scheme is a way to protect group members by giving them a free alternative.

He said: “Collection of the glass, alongside the uPVC frames, will continue to be free of charge if the collection criteria are met. Installers can be assured the old materials will be handled responsibly with all glass collected being recycled back into the industry as clean cullet which is sent for flat glass processing.”

The units will need to be deglazed because they will be transported differently to the PVC-U scheme, which is carried out in conjunction with CNC Recycling, and there is a minimum collection criteria of 20 frames/IGUs.

Chris added: “Ensuring you have a responsible recycling programme in place is also an attractive proposition for the ever-increasing number of eco-conscious homeowners. We hope this pilot glass recycling scheme will be as successful as the existing PVC-u frame service, and therefore be offered to all members nationwide very soon.”

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