Aluminium fabricator CDW Systems is to trial the AluK Luminia F82 slimline bi-fold door as a possible upgrade option to its existing BSF70 bi-fold from the same manufacturer.

Group Chairman Jeremy Phillips said: “It won’t take over from the BSF70, which we will still be offering, but we are trying to make sure we are prepared for 2025 and whatever that brings.

“We have had enormous success with the BSF70 from AluK but are looking at introducing the F82 due to its thermal properties. It’s a much more thermally efficient and modern bifold with better sightlines for uninterrupted views, which is what customers continue to want, and we are lining up training for that in the factory.”

The Luminia F82 has been designed so the frame and cill have sightlines of 97mm and to be thermally efficient, delivering 1.3 U-value with double glazing. It features a pop-out handle that sits flush within the frame and HD rollers which allow for smooth and seamless opening.

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