Korniche manufacturer MFT has introduced a new ‘One-Drop Delivery’ service. Offering benefits including savings of up to 20% on glazing prices.

As well as the company offering Document L-compliant glazed product at a reduced cost and with greater convenience compared to third party delivery, it now offers crane offloading for ease and safety on site, as well as a one-drop service that includes both the door system and glazing together on the same truck.

As a result, it says its customers can now save up to 20% on previously advertised glazing prices as a result, with the glass delivered direct to site.

The One-Drop delivery saves downtime on site dealing with deliveries and glass that could typically arrive a day or two either side of the door system. The upshot, says the company, is that installation of a Korniche product is now even quicker and more efficient, saving installers time and money and further reducing disruption for the homeowner.


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