Business Pilot has introduced an update to its installer CRM and business management tool giving users the choice of dedicated dashboard depending on the role or roles that users perform within installation businesses.

The choices include its Sales, Survey, Service, and Ops Dashboards, each designed to bring the most useful tools to the users. It also allows those who perform multiple roles to switch between them, bringing the tools they use to perform each role into a single dedicated dashboard.

“The update delivers a big visual change”, explained managing director Elton Boocock, “It simplifies what you see when you log in, pulling in the elements that as an individual, you need to access, depending on what you do, so you can get straight into what you need to do. 

“For example, if you work in Sales, you’ll see your appointments for the day on the left-hand side of your screen. You’ll also see your sales summary and where you are against target. Alternatively, if you work in the ops team as well as your appointments, you’ll see the status of contracts – everything is geared to the job you perform, while each dashboard is linked so everything is joined up.”

Users have to opt in to access role-specific dashboards, otherwise the system will default to the Standard Dashboard. This has also been updated so that tasks are merged into one focus screen rather than split between Contact, Lead and Contract, making it easier to get an overview of workflows. 

This also includes team chat functionality, which allows users to tag any registered user by simply pre-fixing their name in the feed with an ‘@’ sign.

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