The supply chain crisis, the regulation minefield running an installation business in uncertain times and adapting to a sustainable future – all topics due to go under the spotlight at this year’s Glazing Summit in an extensive agenda announced this week.

“After almost two years, and with all the challenges our industry has faced in that time, setting the agenda this year has been tough,” said the event’s founder, Andrew Scott.

“We wanted to focus on some of those challenges, such as the supply chain crisis and price hikes, outline the key legislative changes that are likely to impact the industry, and focus on the future and the opportunities sustainability will present. The topics are controversial, and the sparks are sure to fly, but we feel we have pitched it just right.”

Four debates will include ‘Conquering the Supply Chain Crisis,’ ‘A Sustainable Future – how will the industry adapt?’ ‘Is it time to get out, or scale-up?’ and ‘Running an installation business in uncertain times,’ while there will also be a discussion on ‘The Regulation Minefield: What the Industry Must Know.’

The agenda will also include three keynote speakers, including Economist, author and Bloomberg correspondent Greg Perdon discussing the economic outlook for the industry; legendary business guru and sales trainer Geoff Burch on how to build a better future; and Andrew Scott, Managing Director of Insight Data Ltd and renowned industry consultant, with the specialist data supplier’s ‘State of the Industry’ report.

The event takes place on Thursday, October 21st at Edgbaston Stadium and Conference Centre, Birmingham, and more than 300 leaders from across the industry are set to attend and the day ends with the Leaders Dinner.