Devizes-based Wrightstyle has tested its WSL SR60 curtain wall framing system with Schott Pyranova 120 glass to achieve EI120 (120 minutes integrity and insulation). The test, by WarringtonFire, was carried out with the exterior building surface facing into the furnace, so that has been tested to be dual directional fire resistant.

“In the event, the test ran for a period of 148 minutes, exceeding the criteria for a pass by 23%.  Such a comfortable overrun is rare in high-performance tests,” said design manager Chris Peters.

“Its significance is that many specifiers don’t pay enough attention to the fact that a fire can start on either side of a fire-rated glazing system. In other words, the specified glazing system will provide protection, but only in one direction.”

The test also incorporated steel spandrel panels, making it one of the first alternative infill options to claim two hours of integrity and insulation.

Full furnace temperature was achieved after some 60 minutes into the test, with a peak temperature of 1050deg C.