Conservatory Outlet Ltd, has completed a 10,000 sq ft factory expansion as part of a four-stage manufacturing investment and has used the additional space to implement a new £100,000 Distribution Centre.

The expansion will see the fabricator increase its capacity and output by up to 20% and will allow for a higher volume of products to be stored and organised on site in a secure, weather-proof environment.

The coming months will see further investments made in the company’s Wakefield manufacturing hub, specifically with the addition of a new production line which is set to be installed before the end of April.

Managing director Michael Giscombe said: “When we unveiled our staged manufacturing investment back in September, we knew that the factory expansion would prove pivotal in ensuring we were able to meet the growing needs of our customers as they continue to see unprecedented levels of success.

“The new Distribution Centre will ensure that our teams are not only able to produce a higher volume of products, but crucially will provide the capacity needed to meet our increased delivery targets each week.”