Window Widgets has launched an online ‘Trade Counter Network’ to point customers to outlets for its products across the UK.

The company says this is a strategic plan to drive new sales through trade counters and help support installers, builders and fabricators with a more localised and immediate supply of products. It includes a dedicated landing page and a direct link on the home page to help visitors find local trade counters within a 20-mile radius.

The search facility returns what products they offer and the best contact details for its range of products. Industry names such as Dekko Window Systems, Midland Building Plastics, SUN Trade and Tradelink are already listed on the website, and Window Widgets is actively looking for further trade counters to join this network as it look to expand to over one hundred across the UK in the coming months.

Technical sales executive Adrian Clare explained: “We’ve spent considerable time in putting this new marketing strategy together and we’re already reaping the rewards. With our knowledge rich website and big pink product catalogue, there’s also a wealth of supporting information for anyone visiting these trade counters.”