Glazpartners has won “Best Installer Support Programme” at this year’s Installer Awards in Manchester.

Sales director Dean Bradley said: “My congratulations to the Glazpart team on an incredible first year of the Glazpartners programme. Our aim is to work closer with our customers so we can continue to develop and deliver products that meet the market’s demands. And at the same time, we want to promote our customers’ brands and products via the Glazpartners programme and all our promotional channels.”

The Glazpartners programme was launched by Glazpart in May 2023 at FIT Show in Birmingham. Since launch, over 50 companies have joined.

Dean Bradley added: “It is now more important than ever for companies to work more closely together to face the many challenges in our industry. It is invaluable to collaborate and develop market solutions and opportunities.

“The Glazpartners programme is a winner not just of this award but a winner with our customers who have signed up to be Glazpartners who are gaining added promotional value from the initiative.”

In the next few years, Glazpart has plans for the Glazpartners programme with development of new promotional platforms and channels to tie in with Glazpart’s 40th anniversary year in 2025.

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