Guardian Glass is introducing Guardian Nexa, a lower-carbon float glass to the European market.

Nexa is said to reduce embodied carbon by more than 30% to approximately 7.0 kg CO2e/m2 for 4mm float glass.

It boasts a higher cullet content from both internal and external sources and offers similar performance and aesthetics to the existing Guardian ExtraClear float glass.

Executive vice president Guus Boekhoudt said: “This is a significant accomplishment by our R&D and operations teams, achieved through a combination of ongoing innovation in manufacturing processes and the optimization of cullet use. It reflects our dedication to our Environmental Stewardship priorities, including improving energy efficiency and air emissions, and managing resources responsibly.”

Detailed environmental data on Guardian Nexa will be documented through an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This is currently under development and is expected to be available in Q2 2024.

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