Senior Architectural Systems has partnered with a local secondary school to give students a new view of potential careers in the fenestration and construction industries.

South Yorkshire based Senior worked with Sir Thomas Walton Academy in Doncaster to support the school’s Better Learners Better Workers Programme. As part of this initiative, Senior MD Mark Wadsworth, technical director Mark Wheatley and marketing coordinator Katie Neale met with staff and students to share more about the company, its work, the wider fenestration and construction industries and what career opportunities are available for the next generation.

The interactive session also encouraged students to get ‘hands on’ with a fun practical task that required the students to work as a team and develop their problem-solving skills.

Mark Wadsworth, pictured with the students, said: “We were thrilled to be invited to work with Sir Thomas Walton Academy as part of its Better Learners Better Workers Programme as it really is so important that we look to promote the construction industry and engage with young people as early as possible.

“The future success of the fenestration industry is reliant on plugging the skills gap and attracting people with new and fresh ideas and we are committed to being a part of the solution to this problem. It was a real privilege to work with a school within our local area and I hope that students will consider a future career in construction!”

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