Coastal Group has launched a series of how-to videos, explaining how external hardware suffers from the elements and demonstrating how to overcome them.

“Wherever your doors are installed, they will endure some sort of ‘attack’ from the elements,” says managing director Loren Jenner.

“It’s not only the door furniture; it’s also the locks and cylinders, which can become clogged up with dirt and grime, drying out and becoming difficult to operate.

 “Callbacks are expensive, time consuming and can sometimes lead to negative reviews.”

Head of marketing Neil Jones added: “The good news is that these challenges can easily be avoided. All it takes is a bit of regular TLC and maintenance with the right products.”

The group considers the following three main issues in a series of how-to videos, available on their website, and detailed below:

  1. Tea staining on the door hardware.
  2. Keys sticking or jamming in the Euro cylinder.
  3. Multipoint locks seizing up, jamming and making it difficult to operate the door handle.

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