Reynaers Aluminium UK has expanded the choice of profiles for its heritage-look SlimLine 68 (SL 68) range with the addition of two new profiles, Classic and Ferro.

The new profiles feature a bevelled and a stepped sash option and choice of outer frames. Its 68mm frame depth makes it suitable for replacements as an existing window can be removed and replaced with the new SL 68 profiles without affecting existing plaster lines. All profiles in the range can accommodate either double or triple glazing and have a Window Energy Rating (WER) of up to A on double glazing.

Alongside the two new vent profiles, the addition of a flush transom allows for the fabrication of cruciform windows, whilst the introduction of a further slim outer frame profile can be used to achieve an even slimmer outer frame sightline. Reverse rebate adapters are also included, enabling fabricators to bead the window on the same side as the vent.

Product manager Ian Osborne said: “Heritage aesthetics are going from strength to strength for commercial and residential buildings. Keeping a close eye on current trends, we identified an opportunity to develop additional profiles for the SL 68 range that combined strong performance characteristics, slim sightlines and most importantly, ease of fabrication.

“We’re proud to offer some of the industry’s best performing windows. With the introduction of the new SL 68 profiles and the features they offer, there is now the possibility to benefit from these with an even greater range of design flexibility.”

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