Technal Geode MX 52 Visible Grid Curtain Walling, Soleal FY 65 Windows and PY 55 Doors were used in the University of Nottingham’s Advanced Manufacturing Building.

Costing £23 million, the 9000m2 facility, built by contractor GF Tomlinson, has been awarded a RIBA East Midlands Award.

On the glazing aspect of the design, a representative of Bond Bryan Architects said: “The masonry plinth at ground level combined with high-level glazing were designed to give the impression that the upper storeys are floating. Extensive internal glazing and the use of open walkways also allow visitors a sweeping view through and out of the building. This design visually links the activities within the faculty whilst also creating a dramatic and exciting work environment.”

The Geode MX 52 range curtain walling and its integrated thermal break enables Ucw coefficients as low as 1.1 W/m2K to be achieved. The curtain walling is also easily integrated with the thermally broken FY 65 windows and PY 55 doors. In terms of security, both the FY 65 windows and PY 55 doors, have been tested in accordance with BS EN1627, achieving RC2 and up to RC3, respectively and PAS 24.