Carl F Groupco has added the new Simon Acoustic ventilator range from RW Simon to its inventory.

The vents offer a sound reduction of up to 42dB and have been independently tested in accordance with BE EN ISO 717-1:1997 [airborne sound insulation] and BS EN 20140-10:1992. They have also met the World Health Organisation [WHO] recommended reduction of 33dB, and all models in the range have a minimum equivalent area of 2500mm².

The acoustic ventilator is available in five options. There is an option to upgrade to an inbuilt humidity control operation with a hygromatic sensor to open and close the vent dependent on the quality of the moisture in the room. An additional acoustic sleeve is also available to further increase the acoustic properties.

Managing Director John Crittenden said: “Windows can play a vital part in reducing the level of noise entering the property particularly for homes in high-traffic city areas or properties impacted by air traffic noise or railways. The recent changes to Part F [ventilation] requires additional ventilation to circulate air in living spaces but in some high-traffic situations, that can increase the chances of introducing outside noise. By fitting the RW Simon acoustic vents, you are compliant with both Part F and Part E requirements.”

“Fabricators and installers can now offer customers increased confidence of the acoustic performance of their products and Building Regulation compliance by fitting the RW Simon acoustic vent range. The intelligently designed acoustic vents can be installed to any window system and are available with a PVC-U or aluminium external canopy which can be dual colour matched for improved product aesthetics.”

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