The British Woodworking Federation has this week launched a campaign ‘Our industry’s next generation: Apprentices tell their stories’ to champion the role of apprentices in woodworking and joinery manufacturing as well as highlighting the diversity of career opportunities in the industry.

The campaign sees apprentices and former apprentices share their journeys to ‘bring to life the passion, achievements and benefits that an apprenticeship can offer’.

The whole construction industry is facing a skills shortage, with CITB estimating more than 43,000 new entrants are needed every year for the next five years to maintain output, says the organisation. Its campaign aims to encourage the next generation into the woodworking and joinery manufacturing profession by shining a light on the apprentices and former apprentices and the breadth of opportunities offered by the sector. 

The campaign, which includes video interviews and case studies, will run across multiple channels to raise awareness of the diversity of roles, skills and career pathways within the industry.

Helen Hewitt, CEO of the British Woodworking Federation, said, “Hearing direct from apprentices and apprentice graduates in our profession about why they chose a career in woodworking and joinery is inspirational for the next generations.

“As the focus on sustainability is pushed to the top of the agenda, it’s clear that woodworking and joinery skills will be sought after as demand for sustainable building materials, such as timber, increases. It’s therefore vital that as an industry we come together to champion the important role that apprentices play in securing the growth and future of our profession. This campaign will maintain the momentum and focus on apprentices throughout the year, raising awareness of the diverse and fulfilling career options that lie ahead for those joining our industry.”

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