The Sheerline aluminium system from Garnalex was used in a home refurbishment featured in Channel 4’s George Clarke’s Old House, New Home.

The refurbishment project saw the construction of a modern extension in homeowner Leighla Davenport’s Grade II listed Callowell House near Stroud.

Leighla’s newly-refurbished home features a mix of Sheerline products, including 12 Classic windows in cream with Prestige fixed frames in black, and two Prestige doors, also in cream.

She said: “I found Sheerline through internet research of premium aluminium systems companies and I thought that it was a really nice product. We needed some unusual glazing and Sheerline had the capacity to do all of the windows we required. At a time when lead times were anything but normal, Sheerline offered the shortest delivery times, meaning we could keep the project on track.

“Sheerline works across the entire building – both in our 150-year-old mullion windows and in our new extension – it’s high performance, maintaining modern functionality as well as being in keeping with the look and feel of our home.

The episode of George Clarke’s Old House, New Home will be broadcast at 8pm tomorrow (10 November) on Channel 4.

Garnalex CEO Roger Hartshorn said: “The agility of Sheerline’s supply chain meant that we could offer dual colours in just a fraction of the time that our competitors were offering, ensuring that the project remained on schedule. The customer was pleased with the support and service she received from our passionate team – one of our team even visited the property to help with the fitting of the windows and doors.”