ODL Europe has taken its door cassette production process entirely in-house with the purchase of an injection moulding machine.

Managing director Nathan Barr said: “This is great news for our business and customers because it gives us control over our complete cassette production and means we aren’t reliant on third parties.”

“The increase in demand every business has seen in recent months is good news for our industry. At the same time, it’s caused supplier delays and increased pinch points on production output. This latest machine investment allows us to take control of our product inventory to minimise the impact of industry-wide delays on our customers.

“Having anticipated a rise in product demand in 2020 we commissioned the machine investment was due to be delivered in March 2021. Due to the Global shipping container backlog this has delayed receipt of the machine by six weeks but we are committed to getting up and running as quickly as possible.”

The machine is a 1,200 tonne Jupiter two platen injection moulding machine from Haitian Plastics Machinery.